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Following the positive recommendations from other forum members I bought my 50g last Tuesday. IMHO it's truly an excellent machine! I do like it very much, apart from a few minor issues which surely have been discussed extensively here back when the model came out some years ago (somewhat stiff key-contacts combined with slightly mushy keys (sure not a recipe for an optimal key-feel, the days of the 41-series are really over apparently), a bit clunky (0,5 cm wider than the 48S/G series)). But it's faster at many tasks than the old 48 series (editing user-programs, graphing (although I will not use it too often) etc.) and the display is a great move forward from the slightly vague displays of the 48S/G's. The unit is already in use for my work, replacing more and more my old faithful 48G.
What I want to try now is to overclock the unit to get some more (but limited) speed-advantage (I know it's risky but I like a little adventure every now and then). The point is however that I found the routines written by Al Borowski but I don't know how to use them. They consist of the ARM launcher (a binary used by the other routines) and a list of different routines, each adjusting the clock-speed to a different value. Loading them into the 50g from the PC is no problem (figured that out already, not too hard for someone with a little 48G-experience in this respect). But my question then is: what to do next to make things work? And how should the programs be used? I spent some time on the internet but it is hard to find a clear and reliable source. Anybody out there to give me some clues? Thanks in advance.

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