Draw with your finger on HP Prime !


Hi everybody,

I wrote a little program with it you can draw with your finger on your favourite calculator !

Video :

Keys :
APPS key : thin pencil
Home key : thick pencil
Vars key : very thick pencil

0: black
1: Green
2: Blue
3: Red
4: Brown
5: Yellow
6: Pink
7: Purple
8: Grey
9: turquoise

Download :


Fine !

The emulator have syntax error because 'h' is needed at the end of the hexadecimal color




On my emulator and calc, it works without the "h".


It depends on the default integer base. It's always better to be explicit, i. e. coding #1Ah instead of #1A.


ok thank you.


you must include the postfix "h" outside HEX MODE (BIN, OCT)

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