Shiny new 16C!


Well I finally got a 16C in my collection !!

There is something wonderful about receiving a 'new old stock' HP - the quality is just amazing.


Har! Mine looked like that, when I bought it duty-free at Singapore airport in 1983 or so. These days, it's beaten up, but still working - because the quality is just amazing. ;)


--- Les




So you caught the still factory sealed NOS 16C from the bay?


Hi Raymond, yes it came from the UK seller who seems to have many of them!! It really was new - even the batteries are original and still working.


union carbide A 76 cells?


Yeah I got one last month , the lady who's selling them told me her husband used to be a HP dealer but went Apple, Apple somehow stopped them selling anything else so they stashed the stock away for some 15/20 years.

Get those batteries out and replaced ASAP!


I still have two of an original set of three over 25 year old union carbide batteries. The other one just went dead. They're sitting on a shelf to see when they go bad.

Another example of a company that made good things but got destroyed by bean counters and middle managers who had no interest in the product being made - just profit and their cushy positions.


No these are LR44's - very flat, barely clinging onto life.

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