HP 41 CV not responding



I am in need of an authorized advice.

My HP 41 CV has suffered a battery leakage last month. The contacts between the battery compartment and the circuitry were all corroded.

I could replace the damaged part with a spare one, and the calc worked for one week. The last time it would turn on, I had some difficulty in turning it off. Then, I was no longer able to turn it on.

It looks like a contact problem with the 'on' key. It seems pretty difficult to access the keyboard... What could I try?



Beneath each HP41 key dome is a small feedthrough hole. Look carefully under a bright light while pressing the key and you can see the key dome flexing.

Place a drop of 91% isopropyl alcohol on the hole, insert a small wire brush made of three bristles of a larger brush inserted in a razor knofe holder, twisted together, and trimmed flush. Dip the tiny wire brush in more alcohol, and wisk around in the offending key hole. Be careful not to break a bristle off in the hole and keep the alcohol off the clear LCD window.

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