HP in China (??)


Well, to be more specific: there are more than five million bicycles in China (still) but there seems to be not a single HP reseller in Shanghai. Though there are many "electronic markets". Anybody got any better information? Addresses?



Don't they make their own ones like "Victor" and "Aurora"? Why import expensive stuff from the United States...


Well, given that the back of more recent HP calculators says "Made in China," I would have to wonder if they are really "importing" anything :-)


To be even more specific: does anybody know an HP calc dealer in ShangHai? Can't believe there's none ...



Like Nike and Adidas, they have set up plant in China to manufacture for the export market, you will not be able to purchase such export products in the country, however, sometime there are some rejects that slip through the cracks which is not uncommon in a "third world" country. I was living in China for five years and I have to purchase my 35S when I traveled to Singapore and subsequently when I moved to Dubai, I have to ordered my 15C LE from U.S. and courier over.

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