HP PRIME - Bode and Black plots - first attempt



Here is a small attempt for a basic program which help to plot Bode and Black plots... Assumes that applets "Bode" and "Black" were created derived from function app for Bode and parametric app for Black. These basic code work... Can you comment and help me improve?

input(Bode.F1,"Entrez la fonction de transfert","FT(X)=","Attention utilisation de 'X' ");

I have two questions :

1) How can I do in program something like these :


To obtain the expression developed in Bode.F2(X). In fact get the same thing as the soft button "Eval" in Symb view.

2) How can I get the display of the "plot" view of the applet "Bode" or "Black" from inside the program with a choose box for example...

3) Can we create a page containing both "input" area and "choose" area. In a single page: input the transfer function and check a choose box for black or Bode plot and then launch the plot view of bode or Black...

My apologise for my bad English...

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