HP Prime - One thing I can not draw in advanced graphing


I experiment with applets drawing to choose the most appropriate applet for adaptation.

In function APP I can plot a function like this :


But in advanced graphing APP I can't draw :


error "non valid object"... Any idea ?

I thought up the creation of an application that would require both plots simple function (APP function) and parametric plots ... I do not know what to do...


The advanced grapher is purely based on floating point operations. The vast majority of the CAS operations do not have the needed information regarding FP accuracy and error in order to work.



OK so I have to code my own heaviside function. It's quite easy.

What can we say about the possibility in the future of using the graphics capabilities of the two applets (function and parametric) inside the same personalized applet?

This does not match I guess the philosophy behind this machine.

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