Sending ASCII Characters from or to the PRIME


I was reading that the PRIME can act as USB host or client. Is it possible to send ASCII code to and from the calculator?
We are having a Fall break at UTC on Monday and Tuesday of next week
and I do not have any classes to teach until Thursday so I am going to try to hook up the Prime as well as my HP50G to a Vernier LabPro interface at school. The interface has both Serial and USB connectors. Note: I have used with a USB connection and a serial connection with a computer a they talk OK with either connection.
I think that the 50G will only work using a serial connection.


There is currently no way to do anything with the port. While the host driver does support HID, it does not allow any device except a ss410, wireless dongle, or another Prime calculator to be connected and initialized.



on the board of the following image, I see two pins UART RX-TX, it is possible to create an inteface RS232 to connect with another device

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