Leather case for the HP-Prime


Hi All (and especially Tim Wessman),

I got my HP-Prime a couple of days ago. A marvellous machine and worthy successor of the HP-50G and I am looking forward to explore it from the first to the last bit. But it was very disappointing, that the Prime came without a precious leather case like the HP-50G. It's hard to understand that only due to HP's re-found focus onto the education market, that owners of such a wonderful machine should settle with a cheap plastic protective cover. I'd understand the argument of cost pressure but it should be possible to offer an approriate leather case seperately.

Therefore I'd like to suggest that Hewlett-Packard should offer a leather case for the HP-Prime as accessory and hope, that enough HP-Prime users will back this suggestion.

What do you think, guys?

Best regards



I think it's a great idea. Would buy a nice leather case.

Kind regards, Eelco


A 50g case fits perfectly, however a leather case would be numeral uno!


A leather case would be nice for "mature" folks like the readers of this forum. But the primary target market for the Prime is high school and college students, who will toss their Prime willy-nilly into their backpack with nary a care for its well-being. The slip-on hard case probably provides better protection for keyboard and screen than a leather case would under such use (or abuse, depending on your perspective.)


Yeah, as much as I loved the old HP leather cases, the kids today (middle school and up) simply NEVER have cases for their calculators. Remember, this is a cheap commodity to them, even at $100. The hard plastic cover does its thing by protecting the screen and such, and that's all they need. Toss it in the backpack and hope it survives. :-)

Personally, this may be one of the first HP calcs in a long time that I don't feel like I need a case for it. Interestingly enough, I think it's because of how slim it is. I am constantly surprised at exactly how slim and sleek this calc is, especially compared to the TI's and Casio models that are out there right now. Slim, even with the case on, just seems to fit.




Hi Karl,

I support this idea. Maybe there are some aftermarket ones available which fit?

Best, Daniel



Did someone try to insert it into a 41C pouch?
I would find it rather funny to mix such an old looking pouch with this hi-tech product. Just wonder.


Yes, the 41C case works nicely -- even with the Prime's cover in place. This is what I have been using when I've felt the need to provide some extra protection.


Hi Daniel,

thanks for your reply. Sofar I've found only the offer of the German company Dynatech: Look at the product page of the HP-Prime and then click on tab "Zubehör".

To bad, they put a TI calculator in the case for the photo.

Anyway, I still hope HP offers an appropriate case with an HP-Logo on it.

Best regards



One of the long HP 41 cases would be nice. I have mine currently stored in one.

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