HP PRIME NOT Supported.


I was on HP s Calculator Web page(Support) and got the following message while looking to see if any tutorials etc have been posted by HP(None so Far).

The product you selected, HP Prime Graphing Calculator, is not supported in United States or is not a valid product.
Please visit Support and Troubleshooting for a list of products supported in this country.( In the previous page it was listed as a valid product)

If you purchased your product in a country other than United States, please go to Worldwide HP Technical Support to view products for all countries.

Several of my Physics students seemed interested on purchasing one,but when stuff like this comes up,I wonder.
This kind of stuff should have been available when the product was released,unless there was some doubt that HP was going to release it at all.
This seems to have happens before when the bean counters thought they could not make enough money to support the high mucky mucks in the style they were accustomed to.


I saw this as well when I was attempting to locate documentation for the software. Were it not for this forum and people like Tim and Cyrille, I'd have been totally lost when I encountered problems with this product.

Edited: 17 Oct 2013, 10:08 a.m.


Knowing how effective and careful HP's web site folks are, my money is on this being a mistake.

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