HP PRIME: How to change the column headers and reset data


Hi Friends,

I am programming in HP Prime for Numeric Methods,
Created and App from Function App,
The results of iterations send to Spreadsheet,
But there appears 2 problems, and

I need to know: FROM AN APP PROGRAM...

1.- How reset the data from past iterations?
only fill with "" all spreadsheet and I like to clear or RESET it.

2.- How to chage the original column titles OF ROW 0 (A, B, C) for my own titles (iteración, a, b, p, f(p)...etc) ?

Without these features, I created the best format to show the data (se screen capture below), but it would be better.

Thanks in advance,



1) Reseting is a good question! There is no 'special' function to clean completely a cell, however there is a trick.
An "empty" cell in the spreadsheet is one that contains/has a value of a 'special' 0. A 0 which is tagged in the system to mean: spreadsheet empty.
so, to clear a cell, try doing Cell(r,C,-1):=AA1000 (AA1000 is taken here as an example of a cell that contains no data, hence contains the special 0)... this will store that special 0 in the cell of your choice, hence erasing it.

There is unfortunately no way to erase all cells at once...

2) Sorry, I have no answers for you on this one... there is honestly no way that I can find to do it.



Hi Cyrille,

Thank You so much,

Clearing the cells will help a lot to show better and right iterations.

Again, thanks for the answer... Some day It will possible to do the 2nd issue,

Have a nice day.




Cell(1,1,-1):=AA1000 works fine, even
Cell(0,0,-1):=AA1000 works fine clearing all data in the Spreadsheet.

BUT FROM INSIDE THE PROGRAM: stops the execution.
Spreadsheet.Cell(1,1,-1):=AA1000 doesn´t work
EXPR("Spreadsheet.Cell(1,1,-1):=AA1000"); doesn´t work

I think the code for using the special 0 would be reviewed.

Best regards!!



I seem to understand that when your program runs/is compiled, Spreadsheet is not the current app.
if this is true, did you try:




Hi Cyrille,

That works GREAT !! Thank You.

If some day You know how to change the column titles please post it here, thanks.

Best regards!!


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