HP41C Modules Locations ?



This HP-41C came in with 4 non-installed modules :

Two(2)x Memory(HP 82106A), STAT-1(HP 00041-15002), MATH-1(HP 00041-15003)... without manuals.

I really don't know how to use and install them properly.
Do they have to go in their specific locations or just really does not matter ?

Many thanks in advance for all helps,



Put Memory modules in slots 1 and 2, Stat and Math modules need no special arrangement.



Memory modules of the 41s have to be placed always on the first available lower slots.

For example, you can make;

1: memory, 2: memory, 3: stat, 4:math
1: memory, 2: memory, 3:math, 4: stat,

But never;
1: memory, 2:math, 3: stat, 4: memory,
1:math, 2: stat, 3: memory, 4: memory,



simply don't put an XMem in the physical port above (or below) the other...




about the manuals. Have you loocked here? If you are using these modules' features, you need their manual for detailed and efficient results.


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