HP71B Spy Radio Crypto


This HP71B is used to control a HF suitcase radio, decrypt and print messages.
I saw this on the Collins radio stand at the Amateur Radio Pacificon conference on Saturday.

I grabbed a couple of photos meaning to take more detail later; but by the time I returned it's owner had gone, so I don't know the model number.

Thought it might be of interest to others here.

Seems similar to other sets of the era shown at the crypto museum
Crypto Museum



I found an environmental case with an antenna, transmit receive hand made board all hard wired into a 41cx and HPIL printer at a flea market.

Looked like a portable weather station that you could leave unattended for awhile. I still have the case, but removed the printer and 41cx from their imbedded position in the foam that was holding them.

Some creative types out there. Wish I had documented the entire project but I needed the printer and 41 at the time.



I don't know about this specific one, but in many of these sort of suitcase setups that I've seen, the computer (HP-71B, Panasonic/Quasar HHC, Sparp PC-14xx, etc.) is used to program (configure) the radio, and not as part of "normal" radio operations. Usually the radio has any crypto built in, rather than depending on a separate computer for that.

It looks like there's probably an 82164A or 86165A/66A hidden in the suitcase somewhere.

It certainly would be interesting to get more information about this particular configuration, if one shows up again.

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