I have an HP laptop with Windows Professional 2000. It is connected via a home network to another computer with Windows ME. The Windows ME computer can access the laptop and copy files from it but the laptop cannot access the files on the Windows ME computer. When I do a search of computers on the laptop, the ME computer shows up but when I click on it the message is "network path not found." The same is true if I try to map a network drive. The ME computer has successfully mapped a network drive to the laptop and even when it doesn't show up under My Network Places, it can connect through the mapping. Sometimes I have to click on it two or three times, but it always connects. The laptop is able to access the Internet through the network but it cannot access the network printers. Any ideas?


I have to say first I don't run Windows ME on any of my computers but I can supposse it will behave similar to Windows 98.
I have a small network and when I installed it there was one computer running Windows NT 4 and another running Windows 98. When NT 4 was updated to Windows 2000 the computer running Windows 98 was "isolated" it didn't find anything in the net, the one running Windows 2000 had no problem. What I did was reinstall the network in Windows 98. From the network properties I deleted the network adapter, when Windows 98 rebooted found new hardware, configure it as it was before and everything was running.
I repeat this happend between Windows 2000 and 98, perhaps someone has experience with ME.


Alas, none of my calculators run ethernet (it would sure speed up file transfers). You might find it more useful to take these sorts of questions to the (free, official) HP Forums (where calculators are practically a forgotten topic, not enough profit margin any more).

To do so, go to, select "Forums" on the left menu, then down the center, choose "-> Microsoft" (,,116,00.html ), wherein you'll find subsets for Windows 2000, Windows 95/98/ME, and many, many other things. The only "catch" to use of the Forum is that you'll have to create a (free) login, and then HP will occasionally send you junk, I mean unsolicited, email (that's my case, anyway).

In the limited subsets of the HP Forums that I understand, answers seem to follow questions with frightening speed :), and especially so for HP equipment; so it's the best freebie I can recommend.

Another possibility is Google. My search on ["network neightborhood" "network path not found"] (or if you want) produced "about 144 hits", but as this isn't my area of expertise, I'm out of my depth in telling you I can spot The Answer somewhere in there.

Just my 0.0200_$ worth.

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