Any update on the HP-41C "ram module" project?


A few weeks/months ago, this was all the rage here.

Someone was working on a prototype for a ram module plug in for the HP-41C (either module or card reader size).

Any update? Any news?


I gues you are referring to my project. There is certainly progress, and I will try to make a more detailed update later. The status now is:
- new specifications are ready, will post them in a week or so on my website
- simulations are getting along just fine, I am adding functionality to make a full functional MLDL
- I have the Xilinx CPLD prototyping board on my desk
- I have bought a second hand scope/logic analyzer to do hardware debugging
- I am struggling with a few features, will ask questions to the forum in a week or so

Merry Christmas

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