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Acidently, I have broken my HP 48 LCD display, and now, hp suport tells me that they don't give suport anymore due to the fusion HP-Compaq comercial politics, excepts for models whit garanty. Does anyone knows were can I found a place that sells LCD displays to the HP 48, and if is possible to change the old broken to a new one. Thank you,

Isaac Daniel


It should be possible to replace the display -- there are any number of web sites offering descriptions of how to take apart the calculator case without external cosmetic damage. (One excellent example.) Most of these directions concern memory upgrades, however, and don't detail the process of removing & replacing the display.

I've performed a couple of HP-48 memory upgrades myself, and dismantling & reassembly of the case can be done. I've never replaced a 48-series display, though I suspect the process is a lot like what I encountered when fixing Pioneer models. (See the "Pioneer Repairs" article under "Repairs & Batteries".) Though, of course, with a bigger piece of glass, everything will be more difficult, delicate and breakage-prone.

I doubt you'll find a place that supplies the display as a separate component. The best option is probably to find a good HP-48, perhaps on eBay, and use its display. (Maybe someone will sell one that isn't working, but which has a usable display.) In fact, maybe you would want to take your HP-48G circuit board & case back, and put those in a cosmetically sound 48. (That way, you wouldn't risk damage in removing the display from the case front -- a tricky operation on a Pioneer and, I suspect, all the more so on a 48.)

(Maybe someone with more experience in HP-48 repairs would like to add &/or correct things?)

Good luck!.


I think that all things considered you would be better off finding another machine. I have seen nice 48GX's sell for around $75 on Ebay. I paid $10 for mine becuase of some easily fixed corrosion in the battery bay.

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