Formulas in HP28S


I just received a HP28S as a pressent. Unfortunately, it didn't come with any manuals. I know the basic operation of the calculator, RPN and all, but I also need to use formulas of the type:


where H is a given constant and I need to evaluate the formula for several values of H. I know you have to enter the formula using the > format, and then store it in the USER menu, but I don't know how to evaluate for the given value of H. Also, how do you delete a variable that has been stored in the USER menu? Thank you very much for any help about this. I apologize for not having the manuals and promise to try to get a copy in e-bay or something. Please answer to the email address above. hans


Please see my reply in private e-mail. I'd reply here but first, I need to master the technique (if one exists) of posting formatted messages that contain the less-than and greater-than signs...


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