Re: HP-48 series


Hi, Michel;

lets go:

48S/SX - scientific expandable graphics calculators;
48SX launched first with PCM-CIA slots (up to 1MBYTES RAM or 4MBYTES with switching banks);
48S launched a bit later, without PCM-CIA slots; both with 32KBRAM, RS232, Kermit and IR I/O capabilitites; interface based in RPL, sort of RPN (like the HP41) with multilevel, numbered stack; programming language is like FORTH+LISP recursive; algebraic capabilities with many manipulating resources, like derivatives; may be seen as a "fusion" of the best of two words: HP41 and HP28

48G/GX/G+ - expanded graphics version of the S series (3D plotting and more), all resources above and a few differneces:
G - 32KBytes RAM
G+ - 128KBytes RAM
GX - 128KBytes RAM and PCM-CIA slots

There are many other features, these ones I know by heart.

HP49G - I am not aware of these two models, except for the fact the first series had a sort of HW bug with the I/O port; these calculators have FLASH ROM (1MBytes)so you can update the O.S.; also they have user FLASH-ROM (1 MBytes) and user RAM (2 banks with 256KBytes)

If you need more, post again. There are pages (I do not know the links) in the Internet with more info; surely someone will post them here.

Lost contact; read the PDF I sent you?

Best regards.


Great PDF, thanks! where can i find the HP-41 font like yours? ;-)



I created those fonts. Look here and download them. Tehy are free for use anywhere. My US$0,25 for the community...

About the HP4X series: as I have more info or references, I'm sending you. Were those enough to tease you?



Hello Luiz,

are you sure that the expansion port of the HP48*X is really a PCMCIA slot? So can I use standard PCMCIA-Ramcards in it? I always thought the HP48 needs special (expensive) RAM-cards.

Since the LX series also use PCMCIA it might be possible... I could have saved a lot of money if I knew that before.



You're right.

The HP48SX and GX slot is PCM-CIA "like", not logically compatible. You cannot use a modem, net or other brand's RAM card in an HP48SX or GX.

Also, the 1MBytes up to 4MBytes RAM is a maximum for the GX series. The SX series address a smaller amount of memory.

Sorry. My fault.



AFAIK a former standard which the SX/GX cards comply to is JEIDA.

There were other machines using such or similar cards,
like the Atari Portfolio.


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