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I need some help on how to share apps from one HP Prime to another. The quick start guide refers (on page 15) to a micro-micro USB cable. But my HP prime box did not have one. However, the box and the HP prime data sheet say that such cable is included in the package.

HP.com referred me to my seller, who confirmed that there was no micro-micro in his samples, and he referred me to this forum (thank you Larry).



My QuickStart guide had an insert page that negated the micro to micro functionality.


That explains it! Thank you.


On second thought:


This shows two cables: USB-micro and micro-mico.
A mystery!


That's probably a feature that proved to be too unreliable to be included by default. Having to swap cable ends to change the direction of transfer seems a very strange limitation and might cause a lot of confusion among the users. AFAIK the USB equipped TIs can use the provided mini-USB/mini-USB cable either way.


It seems that those pics are from a pre-market model, as it shows a white back cover.

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