Batteries for HP 15C calculator


I have a HP 15C calculator. But without the 3 micro batteries. Can anybody help with the type ??


Hi there,

what you need is a set of SR44, silver oxide, cells. They are available all over the place but, unfortunately, come with a wide range of type numbers...have a look at
for a bit more information about equivalent types.

The lithium types listed will also work but will not last as long as the silver oxide types.

Regards, and happy hunting...



According to the HP15C Manual, the following batteries are recommended:

Eveready A76
National or Panasonic LR44
Varta 4276

Eveready 357
UCAR 357
RAY-O-VAC RS76 or RW42
Duracell MS76 or 10L14
Varta 541


I usually look for everedy 357, then get something compatable to it at radio shack.



Just yesterday, I bought three German-made, sealed silver oxide #76 cells at Radio Shack for a Voyager calc. P/N is 23-009; price was $2.99 each. They didn't seem to have the cheaper alkaline type.


Yikes! If you can find them the Vinnic brand of batteries is very inexpensive and actually work rather well. A card of 10 cells sells for $2.50-$3.00. They show up on Ebay quite regularly.


I have also used the Vinnic batteries, and they have worked well for me - a good value at that price. If you can't find them, you can still save a few bucks at Radio Shack by finding and purchasing a 6 volt camera/photo battery they carry by the Radio Shack catalog number 23-469. It's a Duracell alkaline photo battery, and it's listed as being equivalent to a PX28AB, A544, and 4LR44 types. The "4LR44" gives a clue about it's insides, because if you then pry off its outer shell, you'll find that it's just a stack of four LR44 cells, three of which will work just fine in the Voyager calc. At $3.79, that's less than a buck a cell, a lot cheaper than buying the cells individually at Radio Shack. Just make sure to buy the alkaline version of this battery, as there is also a lithium equivalent out there that won't work.


Indeed, there is no need to overspend. But even at 2.99 per, that's still only about $0.60/year of go-juice.

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