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To all:

I am quite interested in buying a PRIME, but am concerned about the current array of sellers (Amazon souks, E bay flippers and the like). Does anyone know when it will be available "officially" on the HP US site(s), or through major US channels ?

I have seen it shown on HP's site without pricing and "Add to Cart" option.

I do not want to get stuck with some premature, world-market version of the PRIME.

Sorry for seeming to be an old coot, but I don't want to repeat the HP-15c-LE experience.

Thanks so much.

John Stark
(HP-45/80/65 Still in use !)


I originally tried ordering through pcsuperstore.com, but they informed me they were out of stock. So I ordered through buy.com, which is now rakuten.com. The calculator is also sold by buy.com, not one of their third party sellers. It was $110.

I have used buy.com for about 15 years and not had any trouble so far. I suspect the major stores like Amazon and Newegg should have some stock soon.

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I bought mine off Amazon. I would check the seller rating before buying. No guarantees, but that's what I did.


Bach Company and Sampson Cables has HP Prime calculators for sale.


Just bought and received mine from HPcalc.org. No problems at all.


Received mine from costcentral.com ... Cost Central is appears to be an office supply seller in Erie, PA, but the calculator was received from a distribution center in Mississippi --- exactly the same as when I ordered my 15C/LE and 12C/30th from them. (IIRC from the 15C/LE discussions, several of the online sellers use that same distribution center.)

There were TWO items listed on the costcentral website: HWP-NW280AA-ABA at about $122, and simply NW280AA-ABA at about $107 (USD), with shipping at about 6 bucks. I ordered the latter, and they honored the lower price. I got mine about 4 days after ordering, even though the website showed "special order - 2 to 3 weeks" for delivery...

So their website wasn't perfect. Their service has been good when I've ordered.



Thanks for the heads up. I just placed an order for the Prime with Cost Central, aka Erie Computer for $106.08 + $8.06 FEDEX Ground shipping. I've done business with them before and they are totally legit. They typically have the best prices, except maybe Buy dot com, but I didn't see the Prime currently listed with them.


With Cost Central, is it the item labelled as "HP-LCD" (here)? The only item clearly stated as "HP Prime" is the $120 one, but as stated, the product number seems to be the same. I'd hate to place an order for something different...


Hi Cristian,

Yes, I believe it is the correct item, although I won't be 100% sure until I receive it. However, since it matches the product number that Dale provided, and he has already received his HP Prime, I am confident that it is correct. My order confirmation from Cost Central also lists it as "HP--LCD" and "NW280AA#ABA". I'll post again in this thread when I receive mine.

Update on Monday, 7/10/13 - The order now appears in my Cost Central online account, and the description is "HP Prime Graphing Calculator"
So, I believe you can be confident that it is the correct item if you choose to order it through Cost Central under this listing.

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Yep, that's the one I ordered and received.


I tried to place an order with them, but apparently they don't accept payments from Italian credit cards, even if I wanted the calculator shipped to a New York address. :(


I bought mine here in Germany from Dynatech for 153.95€ including shipping. Not cheap but a reliable source.


I bought at Oxford Educational Supplies in the UK £113.94 incl VAT. Postage is an extra £3.00 + VAT. Calc arrived within a week


Doesn't that make it USD 186 in the UK and USD 208 in Germany.


About that yes. We are used to getting ripped off in the UK. Official HP price is £149, so a reasonable offer locally.

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