A place for Prime programs


We need a place for PRIME program share and improve.



Maybe a wiki!


There are already at least two wikis:



As for downloads, there doesn't seem to be a Prime section on hpcalc yet ("Prime" is mentioned only at the top of the page), but Omnimaga, Cemetech and TI-Planet already accept 39gII and/or Prime programs.

While the community represented by these three flagship sites is mainly centered around TI calculators, we are definitely interested in the Casio Prizm and HP Prime, because those are more open than the TI Nspire series and more powerful than the TI-Z80 and TI-68k series :)



Maybe a wiki!

At the conference Eric indicated to me that he is planning to add an area for the Prime at hpcalc.org.

While it is certainly true that there wasn't much activity on that site recently, it must be taken into account that there also was not much input recently. That may change perhaps with the advent of the Prime.

WRT to the 28/48/50 series, hpcalc.org is an unmatched repository for HP calc users. Thus it would be great if it became true for the Prime too.


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