can anybody help me in the following:

I would like to buy the HP40G. Concerning the CAS, does anybody know what ROM version of the HP49G is comparabale (or even identical) to that of the HP40G?
Is there any way to check the HP40G ROM version on a real calculator (key combinations) so that I can check it on the store?

Many thanks for any help,
Axel from Germany.



this should be mentioned in the manual.
AFAIK these can be downloaded, look at www.hpcalc.org .

It's likely that there is only ROM version.
Also note that the 40G ROM is *NOT* upgradeable.

Be sure to search google for discussions about 40G bugs...



Thank you Raymond,

from comp.sys.hp48 I got a respond that the CAS ROM version might be identical with 1.19-1 of the 49G. I think the price of EU 60 will be ok compared to the EU 149 of the 49G.

Best regards

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