HP Prime, Units and RPN...


I'm a long time RPN fan and was quite excited to see a new calc, for some reason I've never been nearly as satisfied with the 50g as I was with the 48GX.


I can't seem to figure out how to get units and unit conversions to work in RPN mode, am I missing something or is it just not possible? Also, it sure would be nice to get replace the convoluted touch menus by associating some of it to the old style soft menu. Finally, access to a full on manual would be helpful, does anyone know where I can find one as all I got was a quick start guide with the calculator and on the disk.


Install the emulator as it will include the manual!

I'm still waiting for my device...


Thanks, I believe I have it figured out...

Example of converting minutes to hours...

2: 0_h

1: 25_min +

will convert to hours but it sure seems like it requires quite a few keystrokes to get there vs keeping the units on the soft menu.

If manually entering units the underscore must be included. Whoever worked on the command structure wasn't concerned about minimizing key strokes, makes me wonder if he/she came from PTC...

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I can't get conversions to work in CAS...is this available only in Home?


I always preferred the HP28s units implementation over the 48GX:


3: 25.0000

2: 'min'

1: 'h'

[Shift] [CONVERT]




2: .4167

1: 'h'

I can then just drop the unit specification in level 1 of the stack and I have the numerical value to work with directly in further calculations.


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With the 50G (and 48 i think)

Unit Time
25 'min' (soft key)
Left Shift 'h'(solf key)

It's not so easy on the prime and I hope some improvment in future release


With the 50G (and 48 i think)

Unit Time
25 'min' (soft key)
Left Shift 'h'(solf key)

It's not so easy on the prime and I hope some improvment in future release

Agreed, the command structure of the Prime seems overly convoluted, I really want to like this calculator but... I hope HP finds a way to let us put commonly used commands into the soft menu. I'm in industry so maybe the Prime is a bit of overkill as at this point in my life I don't need most of the functionality it has. All I really want is a decent replacement for my trusty old 48GX that died 2 years ago.


I'm hoping for a firmware update sometime soon. I want to like the calculator but the more I use it the more I miss my 48G. I don't think I'm imagining all the extra key strokes, but maybe I am. I have a tendency to be over critical of "new" stuff.

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