Asteroid for HP Prime



Here is a game I made : Asteroid for HP Prime.

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Asteroid for HP Prime

Edited: 28 Sept 2013, 10:57 a.m.


Very cool. :-)



Very cool. :-)



Edit: How does one install an .hppgrm file? It seems like this was pulled from within a backup.

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Just put it in the emulator files directory.

If using the connkit, you currently need to put it into the "MyCalc" location under \Documents\HP Connectivity Kit\Calculators\MyCalc. Then it shows up and you can transfer. No drag/drop yet...



I think you need to find a way of detecting key held down before you wear that kb out ! :-)

Is there no joystick port on this thing ?! lol


Thanks for the tip, Tim.


Can you set up virtual controls on the touch screen?



I have noticed a few oddities, crashes into (seemingly) invisible objects, a portion of the ship which gets stuck at the top and a column of white pixels on the right that I swear weren't there the first time I ran it. It was also a bit of an adventure getting it loaded onto the physical calculator (without any instructions) but it's been fun to play with and should serve as a fine example of Prime programming that will help me learn about that aspect when time allows. I'd like to add radar and an auto-pilot function for those times when I'm feeling particularly lazy!

Fun stuff for a fun calculator!

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