Emu41, a complete HP-IL system emulator


Dear all,

I'm glad to announce a new version of Emu41: a HP-41C and HP-IL system emulator. Altough there were already updated versions for selected people :-) it's the first "official" upgrade since ... 1997.

This version includes new nice features like support for a lot of interesting modules, from the well-known X-function, Timer and Printer modules to much more advanced ones like Zenrom, CCD, Hepax, MLDL or RamBoxes.

But main feature is the complete HP-IL system emulation. The HP-IL emulation includes 5 internal ("virtual") devices: one display, two mass storage units (DOS image file, floppy), a printer interface (parallel port) and a DOS interface.

All this is available as freeware, like previous versions. Please look at my new home page at:

http://membres.lycos.fr/jeffcalc (take care of french "membres" word, not "members")

As an option, I propose an extended version with external HP-IL interface support by using the HP82973A board, or the compatible board rebuilt by Christoph Klug. With it, you can control external devices (HP9114, HP3468, ...) from Emu41, and you can also control the internal devices (display, mass storage, ...) from an external HP-41 (or any HP-IL controller).

For this version (which is targeting serious HP-41 and HP-IL users), I ask for a moderate fee (20 Euros). I hope that you will find it quite reasonnable, and it will help me to continue to provide such kind of software.

I have to warn you that Emu41 is still a DOS, text mode program (altough it runs well in a DOS box under Windows). The reason is that I developed Emu41 as the core of my personnal HP-IL system. It runs well on my old HP Vectra 286 with HP-IL board. I know that many of you have an old 286/386/486 sleeping around, now you can turn it into a powerfull HP-IL controller (41 compatible) or into a multidevice HP-IL unit!

Kind regards from France.

Jean-Francois Garnier


Dear HP-41 enthusiasts,

the new EMU41 software version make available surprising features, and now EMU41 is the first emulatir which includes HP-IL. For HP-41 users who do not own a HP82973A board I make available the second rebuild HP-IL/PC Interface Card. Some details about the card and about EMU41 you will find in the comming issue of HPCC Datafile Journal and also in short time in the HP-Museum article forum. Much thank for Jean-Francois Garnier for his great work about adding virtual and real HP-IL features to EMU41.

Best wishes form Germany - Christoph Klug


Congratulation! Hats off! You are several steps ahead :-)
(A result that I'm too occupied by my HP200LX.)


La prochaine fois que je suis a Olten ou Berne on se voit? Bernd Abel qui avait écrit un emulateur HP-41 pour PalmOS habit pas trop loin d'ici mais on s'a jamais vu. Il faut que les 'emul' >>s'acculent<<. M


More details about EMU41 you will find on www.hpcc.org web page : Follow the link to HP41 / HP41 Hardware Activities and Interfacing / HP41-PC Gateway & Emulator.

Also the new EMU41 web page from Jean-Francois (link see above) gives you much details including some HP41 software routines for up/download of data, files, NNN´s to/from PC world. Furthermore solutions for multi column program prints and fast HP41 Barcode plots....

Realise : This HP41-PC Gateway & Emulator solution is the most surprising and really powerful application for the HP41 scene of last time. Use it for interfacing your handheld computer to PC, and for working with some virtual IL-Devices. EMU41 is the worlds leading HP41 emulator solution, which also gives you the advanced features of the real machine....

Best wishes from Germany - Christoph


Great news! Excellent! When can we expect a Windows version of Emu41?

Best regards.


The latest Emu41 is a very impressive piece of work.

Using an HP-IL ISA board, Emu41 now provides "virtual IL" devices to an actual IL connection, and can control real IL devices from the emulated 41!

In my opinion, this "bridge to reality" will bring this emulator into a completely new category of usefulness.

Given this substantial improvement, I was eager to submit my 20 euros to encourage further development, and hope that many more will find the concept worth supporting.

Jean-Francois accepted my payment (about US$21) via PayPal.

Investigate for yourself at http://membres.lycos.fr/jeffcalc

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