My new HP Prime turned to stone


I connected the Prime via the connector software which said there was an update. After starting the update the Prime quickly disconnected from the PC with a progress bar on the Prime screen showing about 10% completion then remained frozen there. A reset with the pinhole in the back resulted in a now bricked device.



I have sent you a private message with contact information. Alternatively, you may contact the HP support line and they can assist.




Your response to this customer is another great case of the legendary top notch customer service we always get from HP. That's exactly why I buy only HP products. In fact, I am now waiting for your new HP laptop with the motion sensor built-in to get released. HP is rocking again with innovation!



Hi Chris,

I'm still trying to understand if your comments were meant as sarcasm or not. Could go either way.

I felt that the first half of Tim's response (private contact info by email) was good, but felt his second item about contacting the HP Support line kinda funny. Having experience with HP support in past, I have pretty low estimates on them being able to provide much help on a new calculator. But I could be wrong. I hope I'm wrong.

At least Tim didn't say RTFM which seems pretty common here sometimes.

Okay, I'm guessing you were serious. Just did a search for HP Motion sensor and see they are coming out with a 3-d sensor of some sort on a laptop. But I'm still interested to see what kind of support the support line can give on a new sophisticated calculator.


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Oh no, my comments were only intended as being very positive. How often does a lead programmer offer tech support and take his time to communicate practically in real time with calculator users - and publically too (making the competitors shake in their pants I'll bet you)? I think Tim has been, and is, fantastic. And over the years HP has never failed me when I had some product in need of repair. I was just in between two flights flying my own plane and perhaps I should have been more attentive to the possibility of any misunderstandings. And yes, my Prime passed the flight level 140 test unpressurized, and I was so excited to take it along on its maiden flight as my new flight computer!

As a customer I feel good about the new HP innovations like the outstanding HP Prime, and now as a first, motion sensors in laptops, etc. And, it seems (to me) like Tim has a high level of autonomy and almost runs it like a start-up within. That kind of corporate thinking by the relatively new HP CEO is very promising from my point of view and bodes well for HP.

Thanks, and my apologies for any confusions I may have caused,




Oh no, my comments were only intended as being very positive.

I realized that after I posted - thus the reason I added the edit to my post.

My big concern is that while Tim can give help to the members on this list, the majority of people who purchase the calculator will not have a direct line to Tim. They will be left with the HP Help Line. Hopefully it will be a lot better than what I have experienced in the past. And hopefully there are many "Tim's" with his expertise handling the help line for the other purchasers who are not even aware of the HPmuseum web site. Those of us who frequent here, live in a very special universe (HPMuseum Forum and the help it provides) that many others are not even aware exists.




Thanks for your post. Yes we are extremely lucky with such access. Of course HP benefits from it too; can you imagine what it would cost if the xyz edition had a fatal flaw and they had to re-flash say 5,000 units plus shipping. So the access works both ways. One thing we must not forget is to relate the product price to our tech support expectations. The HP Prime is in my opinion so extremely cost efficient - and price elasticity priced - meaning we get a huge amount of math software and a great hardware product - for about a mere $110 plus freight. Obviously HP wants market share and they have to run a very tight ship. But $110 is what a dinner with your girlfriend costs. (And girlfriends come and go, but I still have my HP25!) That doesn't mean I wouldn't get irritated if my unit was DOA but so far HP's response has been very good don't you think?

This forum is now building up critical mass and with that comes often brutal feedback from forum users. In essence HP is throwing the product to the lions but the feedback may be worth their time in gold many times over. If we find nothing they will probably feel better about sending out the next 10,000 units - and they should.

Just my penny's worth, and great talking to you,




And yes, my Prime passed the flight level 140 test unpressurized, and I was so excited to take it along on its maiden flight as my new flight computer!

Oh Yes ! could you tell us what functions ? and how you use it ? share the code ?



Support helped me out. I ended up restoring the Prime using another PC. Perhaps it was a USB issue on the first PC I used.


When resetting, hold the Symb button. This will put it into recovery mode, which will allow you to load the firmware from the Kit back into your calculator. I hope this works!


Thanks Tim I did respond to you and I will try what iconmaster suggested when I get back home tomorrow. Results to follow.


OK I did manage to get it into recovery mode. The PC just sees it as a thumb drive now

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Just a thought: Can you get it into the Diagnostic screen by holding down C+F+O while performing a paperclip reset? If so, try then pressing 4, 3, Enter, wait for "OK", Esc, 9. This blows Prime's nose and changes its diaper (and wipes its memory to brand-new condition).


No response at all to the F+C+O reset. Still dead

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