how to see what programs on a ROM (stat pac)


On a hp-41CX, I am trying see what programs are on the ROM, (i have the manual, but one of the stat programs are not working).

how can I do this? CAT 2 only shows what ROMS are available, not the programs themselves.




the HP41CX's CAT 2 is slightly different.

When you execute CAT 2 in a CX, only the HEADERS appear (to speed up, you press any key except [R/S] or [ON]). When you see the header for the module you want (STAT), you press [R/S] to stop catalog, then [ENTER]. Each available function/program for the specific module is listed. If you want to go back to header listings, press [R/S] again and [ENTER].

In some situations, when you have modules with many funtions, this feature is a lot desirable.

Hope this helps.



this info is at HP41CX User's Guide, V. II, p. 394.



Argh... I see the function, but (Im using the math/stat mod) and am trying to run EMLRXY (linear regression), but it says nonexistent. Nonexistent? I see it there!

Am I doing something wrong. This is my first module, and the other functions seem to work ok when I XEQ them.


Oopsa...I forgot to set size. thanks for the help.

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