RPN-67 Pro 2.0 is here!


I'm pleased to announce a major update of my HP-67 simulator for iPad.

This is easily the most powerful HP-67 ever!

Version 2 features include:

- more than 100 new functions and operations (hyperbolics, complex numbers, time and date functions, equation solving, matrix handling, vectors, statistics, Bessel, Gamma function, error function, and much more)

- 100 constants and conversions

- 100 additional registers supporting full register arithmetic and indirect addressing

- powerful operations on any range of the additional registers, like searching, sorting, copying, printing, eliminating duplicates, calculating average and standard deviation and more

- 6 additional flags (F4...F9)

- exchange x with any register, directly or indirectly

- convert constants in programs into single steps and back

- text printing and simple plotting on paper tape

- thousands separators and localized decimal point

- innovative "stack-of-stacks" (push/pop the entire stack on an internal stack)

Check out cuveesoft.ch/rpn67/p02.html for details.


I used it to print out my hp67 code for HHC2013 with citation of course.

Great emulator!

Cheers, Geoff


I love and use your first emulator. It's nice to read that you added so many functions and features. Several years ago I developed an HP-67 emulator for Windows XP and added functions and features like the ones you listed.

I will update my emulator when I return home!




It is my first HP 67. Great job! Now to find time to play it a lot.


Would you be creating an iPhone version soon?


The short answer is: no.
The long answer is: I haven't figured out yet how to adapt the user interface for the iPhone in a way that's still - well - usable. The absolute minimum size is an iPad mini, which is a very nice platform for RPN-67, showing the calculator in actual size when in portrait mode.
If all you need is an ultra-portable device for running HP-67 programs, consider Legendary-67. This simulator lets you import and run programs created on RPN-67 Pro (as long as no advanced features are being used, of course.) This is not an endorsement of Legendary-67, though. Be aware that many stock HP programs don't run correctly on that app.


I have the iPad Mini, and the RPN-67 Pro is perfect for that platform. Same for the RPN-45 HD and RPN-70.


Sounds great! Only problem is my first generation iPad has iOS 5.1.1 and if looks like this update requires 6.0 or higher.

Oh well...



Bob, same problem here - I still have a 1-gen iPad stuck with iOS 5. The presentation of new functions and constants/conversions requires features only available in iOS 6 and later. I actually had a version running which simply didn't show the new features in iOS 5, automatically turning them on in iOS 6. However, the latest version of Apple's development environment doesn't compile programs targeted to run on iOS 5 if they contain elements only available in iOS 6, even if you take care of that in your code. So I was forced to require iOS 6 as a minimum.
Note that RPN-67 Free still runs on iOS 5 because it doesn't use the new functions. As an aside, an interesting fact is that as per September 2013 (just before the release of iOS 7), 94% of App Store customers were using iOS 6. 1% were still on iOS 4 or earlier.


Nothing lost as when I attempted to update, it reverted back to the previous version of RPN-67 Pro, and all my programs are intact. I just don't get to use the new features of 2.0.



Wow ! The Rolls Royce of emulators.


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You can easily switch off "enhanced" in the settings menu. Regardless, the basic keyboard layout hasn't changed.

Also, you can choose between traditional 224 programming steps, 448 or 999 as well as pause duration.

Edited: 28 Sept 2013, 11:03 a.m.

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