HP Prime Emulator/Conn. kit suggestion


Since the emulator has a menu option to turn off the menu (and no apparent hotkey), it does not seem obvious how one goes about restoring the menu. I had to close out the emulator, open up regedit, and change a registry setting in order to restore that menu :-(

Could we get hot-key commands for toggling the program menu (if they don't already exist) and possibly another option to enable it?

Also, would it be possible to add options to enlarge the fonts connectivity kit when editing programs?


You can right-click anywhere within the keyboard part of the emulator window and a menu appears in a popup. Select Calculator, then uncheck Hide Titlebar to restore menu.



Wow, I don't know how I did not pick up on that before :-) I must have only been right clicking on the screen (which does not bring up the menu). Thanks!

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