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After lending my HP 50g to both my daughters during their high school years, I finally got it back, fortunately, without any damage :-). By the way, even though the required graphing calculator was a TI device - provided by the school -, their teachers never opposed the girls using an HP, and allowed it rather open-mindedly.

Anyway, with my 50g now safely back home, out of curiosity, I was wondering if there was a list somewhere, of known bugs for the latest revision (2.15) of the HP 50g but after a not so thorough search, I did not find any actual list but I stumbled on these two issues:

- Alarm bug, message #6 on this thread

- Erroneous result when simplifying using FIX 1, ENG 1 or SCI 1, here

I suppose they won’t never be addressed, since there is a new kid in town (aka the HP Prime), but beyond those, are there any other know bugs or issues?

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http://bugs.hpcalc.org/ for a list

There is an outstanding HP50G bug that is probably the cause of many of the bugs already listed up on that bugtrack page.


Any time there is a conversion where an underflow or overflow that happens within calculations that involve converting to/from integers and reals, there is a good chance that this bug is the culprit.


Hi Han,

Thank you for the link. Very interesting (80 bugs all tagged as new!)



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