where can I get the HP Prime simulator?


I've seen several URLs in previous posts, but none are on what I would consider trustworthy sites. I can't find it in HP's site, am I not looking very hard?


PS: I got to *touch* one last Sunday at the New York Maker Faire. Is it me or is the key travel too short?


I didn't even think there was one from the HP site. All I know of is the leaked one and the one from the disk. There might be, but HP's site doesn't seem to have very good documentation on the Prime yet...


Scroll down for the HP Prime emulator topic. There is a link.

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try this HP site

Link to The ultimate Emulator Version, of Advanced HP PRIME

while it lasts




Thanks. It's a customer-provided link in their ftp site, but it's better than nothing. I ran it under wine on linux for extra safety :)

(Even paranoids have enemies)

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