PRIME runtime vs. parsing.


I can't find any information in the Manual about parsing errors vs. runtime errors. Like EVAL (if I'm correct) will not show errors until runtime?

Thanks in advance.



Parsing errors are presumably accounted for when you exit the program editor. You will only get runtime errors when executing the program with 'run.' Now, if you're using EVAL, then most of the parsing errors would have been caught upon exiting the program editor. If you get errors because of the EVAL command, then it's probably due to those nuances like global vs local variables being parsed differently from what you may have been expecting, storing a matrix into a REAL variable, etc. But I would consider even the EVAL errors a runtime error.



Many thanks.


PS: The 2x2 matrix output should have say a "0"-value element, ie SIN(pi), in [2,1] but it shows up as -2 exp(-13) or some approximation of zero. How do I make those very small values show up as a zero? I just got my PRIME and I want to do everything like right now!


Use the CAS environment instead if you want exact values. (Or did I misunderstand you?)



Great, I'll try that. And no, you did not misunderstand me; I have this new gadget upgrade angst and reading all of the 616 pages of the manual is too slow. I looked under the matrix command but did not think of CAS yet.

Many thanks again.


PS: This Forum is great. It really speeds up everything hugely thanks to people like you and all the others including HP's TimW.


I'm with you about having gadget upgrade angst =) And yes, it's a lot more fun to tinker around and learn with others instead of reading the manual.



Absolutely; that's how I learn. Appreciate your help.



Han, Your trick worked. I stored pi in CAS as a (lowercase), went back to my small program and used the matrix element CAS(SIN(a)) which came out now as 0. (Manual p. 59).



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