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Hi - I've been fumbling my way around the HP34S keyboard (and manual) for a few days. Pretty much found everything that I need to use (matrices, complex number math etc).

The only thing I have not been able to find is how to enter either 2 value (X,Y) data pairs or (X,F) data (i.e. a data value and its frequency). I've tried pushing X then Y (and Y then X) on the stack and pressing 'A' (i.e sigma +),but that does not seem to work.

I've found the corresponding functionality on the HP30B described here:

which seems to indicate that the calculator has to be switched explicitly into different data entry modes, but have not been able to find the corresponding data entry options on the 34S. I'm guessing that the X,Y data entry would be common to the linear regression function..,

Can anyone point me in the right direction here?

Many thanks,



Everything you need to know is explained in the 34s manual.

Consider this data set:

  x   15   20   40   30   80
y 3,5 4,5 8,3 6 17
Now you may try this sample calculation.

First of all, clear the summation registers:
 g CLSigma
Now enter the data points. Since the x-values are expected in stack register X and y-values in Y, you type y ENTER x. The Sigma+ key adds these data to the corresponding summation registers.

Important: You may use [A] instead of the regular Sigma+ key (h-shifted [+]) if, and only if, there is no label A (which then would be executed instead). Press h STATUS to find out which of the labels A...D have been used.

Or simply use the standard h-shifted Sigma+ function on the [+] key.

 3,5 ENTER 15   h Sigma+  => 1
4,5 ENTER 20 h Sigma+ => 2
8,3 ENTER 40 h Sigma+ => 3
6 ENTER 30 h Sigma+ => 4
17 ENTER 80 h Sigma+ => 5
You may now check the accumulated sums with h SUMS.

Determine the two means and standard deviations:

 f x_bar => 37        arithmetic mean of x
[x<>y] => 7,86 arithmetic mean of y
g s => 25,884... sample standard deviation of x
[x<>y] => 5,4196... sample standard deviation of y
Try a linear regression:
 h STAT, select "L.R."
=> 0,123... y-intercept
[x<>y] => 0,209... slope
g r => 0,9986... correlation coefficient
Get an estimate for x = 50:
f y_hat => 10,578...
Now try this yourself. Everything works just as it did on earlier HP calculators. Albeit this in not an HP. It's a WP(!)34s.


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Hi Dieter,

Many thanks for the quick reply! Yes, I tried your example and it worked fine for X,Y - so now I can do the linear regression and 2 variable stats.

My other problem is how to X,F - in other words, if I have a frequency table like:

X 2.0 6.0 8.0

F 155 205 35

is there a way of entering X=2.0 155 times without pressing Sigma+ 155 times?

If I just push 2.0 <Enter> 155 on the stack, and then Sigma+ it would be read as the two variable data Y=2.0, X=155....

Many thanks again,



Open the PDF manual and search for the word "weighted". You will find all information you need.

Again, x is assumed in the X-register, so the frequency or weight is entered in Y.

 g ClSigma
155 ENTER 2 Sigma+ => 1
205 ENTER 6 Sigma+ => 2
35 ENTER 8 Sigma+ => 3

h SUMS, select SigmaY
=> 395 n total = n1 + n2 + n3
h STAT, select xw
=> 4,60759... weighted average
h STAT, select sw
=> 2,16659... weighted sample standard deviation
h STAT, select sigmaw
=> 2,87269... weighted population standard deviation
h STAT, select SERRw
=> 0,14454... weighted standard error

Again, it's all in the manual.


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Hi Dieter,

OK feeling rather foolish now. I did search the manual previously, but I was searching on frequency rather than weight - I did not associate 'weight' with what I was trying to do.

Also, I assumed that there was only one set of stat functions that applied to both weighted and unweighted data...

Many thanks for your help...



No need for the RTFM responses -- your summaries were illuminating for someone like myself who does not own the HP34S, but still likes to see the various approaches taken by different calculators.

Nick_S (another Nick)

Edited: 24 Sept 2013, 3:36 a.m.

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