Joys of eBay: HP-32S, HP-32SII, HP-42S, HP-16C, ...


I finally succumbed to eBay and signed up a week or so ago.

Now I have acquired, among others, these nice classics: HP-11C, HP-32S, HP-32SII, HP-42S, HP-48GX. These will join my stable of HP-12C Platinum, HP-15C LE, HP-16C, HP-30B, HP-35S, WP-34S, HP-48G, HP-49G+, HP-50G.

Still a few bids going on, might end up having some duplicates, and hope to win an HP-33S. For some reason the HP-10C and HP-15C are hard to get at a reasonable price. The HP-42S I found here in Europe, did not have to pay the exorbitant $300 American price.

I am also adding a Sharp EL-506A to my collection, and hopefully the programmable EL-512, too. I have two EL-5103s since my student days. The Sharps are great calculators, too, in their own way.

I will need to do a lot of calculating to justify all this computing power.

Thanks, eBay, for ruining my credit position...


I can certainly join you in that same eBay extravaganza. About a year ago, I went on my own quest. Only, my quest veered towards Classics, Woodstocks and Spices. A pricey adventure to put it mildly!!

Well, although very steeped in finances, I procured my own cottage museum

HP-35, 45, 55 and 67

HP-21, 25C, 29C

HP-32E and HP-34C.

So, yes, I know the feeling!


Wow! Just found and bought a mint HP-21S for $35.


Nice!! Congratulations!


With eBay it some time pays to be patient, I had wanted to get a 67 for a long time to compliment the 97 that sits on my desk, and watched many go by at a price I was not willing to pay, and then one evening when I was browsing through the listing I came upon a 67 in very nice condition, in a box with everything that shipped in the original package, plus the Games User Library Solution book and two issues HP digest that was being offer at a BIN price of $50 needless to say I snagged it. The only things wrong with it where the anticipated non-working card reader and one broken battery terminal.


Good luck with your hunt, Sasu :-)

Personally, I joined eBay back in 2008, and shortly afterwards started using it to quench my avid (some would say "rabid") thirst for old calculators (mostly HP ones).

I built up quite a collection, but most of it went unsorted, and has been (metaphorically) gathering dust. I am now in the process of cleaning, sorting, and thinning the collection.

Consequently I actually have many duplicates, which I will in the near future put back on eBay (or maybe post here if anyone is interested).

Whatever people may object to with eBay, it's a marketplace with world-wide reach; and for collectors that's invaluable.



... (or maybe post here if anyone is interested) ...




I joined eBay looking for slide rules, back in 2001. Maybe I'm too old but I understand your joy.

Well, slide rules took me also to the museum and its forum, I think I will never thank enough this discovery.

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