Differences between 48SX 2 vol. manuals and AUR?



I picked up an early (1990) two-volume spiral-bound set of 48SX manuals. Volume #2 covers programming in detail. I've seen, but don't own, the paperback 48SX Advanced User Reference manual.

Questions: Does my two-volume set cover everything in the 48SX AUR? Or am I missing out on some prime sleep inducing material?

Please excuse me if these questions aren't appropriate (calculator is too new) for this forum. At least it isn't being made anymore ;-). BTW, my interests do lie in my older HP's more than the 48 series.

Thanks, Matt


I have the Advanced Users reference manual for the 48G series. It covers programming in detail. It gives the program command and an example of how it works. It is at least 100 or so pages thicker than the User's Guide which only covers programming a little bit. I don't know if this is the same for the 48SX but I hope it helps. Randy


With the 48G. The User's Manual comes with the 48G and the Advanced User's Refference is an optional available at extra charge.

With the 48S. The 2 volume User's Manual comes with the 48S and the Programmer's Reference Guide is an option at extra cost.

Hope that I answered your question.




The 48SX user guides contain tutorial style introductory text that doesn't necessarily cover all commands, or all aspects of a command. The reference guide is exhaustive, containing a complete description of all commands. It is like the pocket guide, but much more detailed.

In other words if you do, or plan to do, serious programming with your HP48SX, you need the AUR.




Thanks for your informative responses! I do appreciate it. Next time I'll try to stay within the "museum" era (pre 1986).

Thanks, Matt

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