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I see that if I select the tool box button (Mem and B) I can access a User Function menu. I have figured out how to make my own functions and store them there (one of them I created is B->R for that base conversion). On the HP 48 I used to make directory trees based on the course or subject. Basically multiple folders with a name and sub directories with programs I wrote (or copied) for the subject. So, on the Prime is this User Functions the equivalent and can I make directories in there? At the moment I only know how to make one big list of programs in that menu, and would like to be able to sort the programs into directories.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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I did a search and this person's site has an little article on directories. Are there directories on the Prime? So far I don't see a way to organize things except with a sort.


No, there is currently no directory structure in the Prime. I'd like it as a feature, yes, but it's implementation would have to be different than the 48G, sadly.

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