HP16C (NOS !!)


Wondered if anyone might be interested in a chance in a million of getting a brand new (NOS) HP16C "Computer scientist" calculator complete ?

I found by chance last week a woman on ebay.UK selling one , couldn't believe my eyes , so I played it carefully and won the auction!

Turns out she has another on there right now - not sure how many she's got. (Just search for HP16C obviously)

(I had to ask how she had this NOS - turns out her hubby was a HP dealer back in the day and then they started selling Apple kit, and Apple restricted her from selling the HP kit so stock got stored away.)

Mine arrives later today hopefully !

I'm not in any way connected with the seller, but just thought someone might want the chance of a lifetime :-)

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Your post probably means the price will go through the roof. May I ask how much you payed?
Congratulations on the find.


True - but how else do people find out about it....

Which is partly why I'm not directly linking to the auction , you have to go and seek it out :-)

I caught the first bidder by surprise...

Bidding started at £159 (two days before end) , I got it for £170 at last minute , which is about what the current example is going for.

Arrived an hour ago and true to the sellers word, it's BRAND NEW UNUSED stock ! complete with everything.
It goes very nicely next to my BNIB HP15C LE

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I was bidding on it, too. I hope to catch the next one.


She's put another up today finishes on thursday morning

She's not saying how many she's got - I've asked :-)

Good luck


Sadly no shipping to US. While I already have a 16C and use it frequently, I would have liked a backup.


Have you actually asked her that? or just assumed from reading the ad?

She replied to me today , she has 'a few' left but unsure how many precisely

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and yet another HP16C from her just started today, on a very short 3 day auction.
I keep taking a look to see what they go for

Get one whilst you can :)


Sorry but you are not doing any favours here, basically hiking up the price which reached £250 for the last one compared to £170 for the one you paid for.

It may also violate the forum rules as there is a section in the Classified Ads for auctioned items.


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I had no idea about the existence of the classified section, but as it wasn't my auction(s) I couldn't have put it there anyway.

I honestly thought I was helping interested people out by letting them know about the situation and of their existence.
I suppose I was damned if I did and damned if I didn't.

I suppose everyone knows who needs to know now anyway... I did it with the best of intentions. :)


You didn't do anything wrong. Thanks for the tip. That is why I come here--community.


It doesn't pay to be helpful here, as most of the time people are rude or unappreciative.


Cheers Michael

well that's another gone for £250 this morning and yet another is magic'ed out of her hat today !


I think you are probably referring to Nicks comment rather than mine.
Anyway, what I said was simply meant as an observation / prediction.

I would have been interested in one of the 16Cs, too. But not at the prices they are going for now. On the other hand, I wouldn't have spotted them without Mikes post.

Although I can see how somebody who had found this on his own and was hoping for a low price is unhappy about this now.


Blah... That' is me. I will not pay £250 but would have paid £200ish.

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She must have had one big stock room , another up for sale this morning


I can't find them on ebay - is there an item number?


151133928235 for the one right now on a 2/3 day

seller is sunshine2153uk (not me or even related to me !)

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I see Sasu Mattila finally got one? :-)

Well done you

Wonder if there are any more in the stock room ?

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Yeah! Some luck and patience paid off.


Thanks Mike, it wasn't coming up on ebay.com.au until I had the listing number. I bid, but it went too high for me! I wonder if she has any more? Cheers, Keith


I found out from her today that she's moving and will have to stop for ~6 weeks or so, but she DOES have some more stock.
She will be selling again early november, she's told me she'll let me know when she's up and running.


Instead of a backup 16C, get a 34S -- it has more integer mode functions and capabilities :) Not quite so readily available from the keyboard unfortunately.

- Pauli

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