Rides between Denver airport and conference hotel?


I look forward to HHC 2013 next weekend. My flight into Denver arrives around 12:30pm on Friday, the flight home departs at 1:45pm on Monday.

If anyone coming or going between those points around those times has room I'll be very happy to contribute my fair share toward cost. Super Shuttle is of course available, but it's always more fun this way. So please let me know as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance!


I'm also looking for a wee bit of room in a vehicle heading for the Cambria Suites in Fort Collins. Benefits include animated conversation and pitch in for ride costs.
As always, I have no problem using the SuperShuttle. But for some reason, beyond my comprehension, the SuperShuttle driver never wants to hear about the WP34S.


Personally, I'd recommend Green Ride Colorado instead of the super shuttle company. The big difference is that the super shuttle stops multiple times a you head up to Fort Collins. Green ride is a direct drive so it ends up being about as quick as a private vehicle. Price is 29$.



Tim. Outstanding suggestion regarding green ride. Thanks!


Thanks for the recommendation, Tim. See you soon.


I had to rent a car this time, but I took Green Ride last time and they were awesome. I highly recommend them.




If anyone is coming in on a red-eye Friday night/Saturday morning, I can swing by the airport on my to Fort Collins Saturday morning. At the other end, if someone wants to get to the Denver area on Sunday evening, I can do that too.

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