HP-97 Service Manual, newer model


I received the HP museum DVD recently and discovered that my HP-97 model isn't the same as the one mentioned in the service manual, mostly noticeable in the different PCB layout.

Is there a newer version of the HP-97 service manual available?

It has an unpopulated 16-pin DIP socket which might have something to do with IO capabilities.


Yes, that footprint is for a cable to the I/O box of an HP-97S. Aside from the added DIP footprint, there is no electrical difference.


Ah I see...

Is there a documented PCB layout or PCB picture with references to the different chips?
Like which one is ROM0, ROM1 etc?


While not exactly what you're looking for, I discuss this a bit in this article about how you might make use of that extra socket.


Hi Katie

This seems to be perfect for capturing the ACT timings with my LeCroy or with a FPGA analyzer.

Are the ROM dumps or assembly listings somewhere available?


I've never seen an assembly listing for the 97, but there are ROM dumps around. See Eric Smith's Nonpareil.


Me neither..only an assembler listing for the HP-67 from the HP-67 Java simulator.

Though honestly, to me it doesn't look like an assembler listing at all as in the listing I don't see any assembled output that makes sense to me:

0002 L00001: 11111...11 if n/c go to 0370

Whatever this "11111...11" might be ;-)

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