A HP42S Code Editor


I want to share a program. Its a code editor for HP42S code to use with HP42S simulators.


* Uses HP42S font.
* Import and export of raw files.
* Convert between code format and raw format.
* Code palette
* HP42S char palette
* List reg,var and lbl used in code.
* Context sensitive help on code.
* Comments supported (@ comment....).
* Some error checking of code.
* A flag list showing HP42S flags

/Andreas Granberg

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Fantastic!! Can't wait to try it out.

When will you be making it available for download?




Very ice piece of software. Looks like you have put a lot of time into it!

Can it read HP-42S programs from text files?


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Exciting! The 42s emulators for iPhone are gorgeous and nice to have in my pocket at all times. And Free42 is always installed on my macbook air.

Being able to edit programs properly will be much appreciated.



Regarding text files:
The program reads/stores text files but with HP42S font character code so text files used with ex txt2raw_win program will not work at the moment.
One workaround could be to import the corresponding raw file , then it will be converted to the right format.

I have some people testing the program and waiting for the result. I can send the program by e-mail since I dont have a web page. My mail is andreas108 at gmail dot com



You have email :-)




Interestingly, I mentioned to my wife just a couple days ago that I wish a program like this existed. Not that she cares much about calculators. :-) Last week we camped along a remote stretch of the California coast south of Big Sur and one of the things I took along to keep myself occupied between hiking, photography, sitting on the beach, reading, and playing Carcassonne, was my HP-42S and iPhone. I figured it was high time I keyed some of my favorite programs into the emulator on the iPhone. I keyed in five programs worth about 2400 bytes, but it's a pain on a tiny touch screen.

I will send you an email.


Andreas, thank-you for sharing, you have a mail.


The program can now be downloaded at: http://thomasokken.com/free42/



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