32sii manual in German availability


It's not on my Museum DVD, does anyone know if it is available anywhere?


I'm not sure that there every was one. The HP site still has the English, Spanish and Portuguese manuals on it.

Correction (after original post):

There was a German manual and several other languages not available on HP's site, here are the part numbers:

HP 32SII Owner's Manual, English 00032-90068
HP 32SII Owner's Manual, Danish 00032-90082
HP 32SII Owner's Manual, Dutch 00032-90080
HP 32SII Owner's Manual, French 00032-90074
HP 32SII Owner's Manual, German 00032-90070
HP 32SII Owner's Manual, Italian 00032-90076
HP 32SII Owner's Manual, Portuguese 00032-90078
HP 32SII Owner's Manual, Spanish 00032-90072
HP 32SII Owner's Manual, Swedish 00032-90081

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Interesting. When I bought my 32SII in germany, I got a dutch manual along with it.

BTW, since it wasn't in german and since the calculator had such a strange notation, I got a significant discount ;-). This beauty is still with me :-).


I knew there must be some advantages to live in northern Germany.


Add our healthy marine air to it and move here! ;-)


Once I got a HP 32sii at ebay with a German manual, which I still keep. On the verso it shows Teilenummer (part no.) 00032-90070 Erste Auflage (First Edition)
Printed in Germany 04/91


I'd say that entitles you to make a copy for the museum DVD ;-).

To my shame I must admit I scanned the french 20S manual (spiral binding, few pages), but left the dutch 32SII manual out, which also is (or was) missing. I just can't get around scanning that beast.

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