Digraph and Trigraph for hp-prime


can someone please create a table of Digraph and Trigraph for hp-prime, and text commands of symbolos


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Prime's built-in Unicode font contains over 50,000 characters (!), all of which are accessed through your computer keyboard the same way as you always do (whatever that may be on your computer). When you send the result to the Prime, all the Unicode characters arrive intact and are displayed correctly. No translation to/from digraphs or trigraphs is necessary.

The entire character set can also be accessed directly on the Prime itself. A few of the most common characters are on template keys (e.g. Shift 9). The rest are available in the Character Browser (Shift Chars), which displays every character, its Unicode number ("code point") in decimal and hex, and if you tap the "More" button, you can jump directly to any of the officially named Unicode blocks.

The immense Chinese character set can be quickly accessed in Prime's Character Browser via the "pinyin" system; just press a letter *key* to launch it. I don't understand the whole "tone numbers" and "tone colors" thing, but there's a Wikipedia article about pinyin here:

I may be wrong, but I think cleverly-designed mnemonic digraphs and trigraphs are only possible in a small character set, such as is found in other calculators.

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