33s, 35s & 42s--The Timex(R) Factor


Hello all. Just how durable are these unifs? I had an incident yesterday where all three were placed in a plastic container sized to fit all thee units. As I was removing a tote bag of manuals next to the box of calculators, the box caught onto the bag. Although I removed the tote, the latched up box of calculators fell onto the area rug on top of a wood floor. I guesstimate that the fall was about 30".

As I turned each unit on, each unit looked undamaged and the stack contents were consistent from my previous usage and, as a test, calculating the trademark Mach Number calculation returned exactly the correct answers at each step.

So, even though each unit seems unharmed, to be on the safe side, just how durable is each unit, the 42S, 33s and 35s?



IIRC, the 42S has at least one weak point, the foam pad interconnection between the main pcb and the LCD.
Everything else in the 42S should be very durable.

It may be difficult to compare the 42S with the 33s and the 35S, since these units are newer by at least a decade. The 35S has another weak point, which is its very high battery drain. A 42S may work for years with the same set of batteries, but the 35S sucks the batts empty within a few months even when not in use.


My 35s is on its 3rd set of batteries (since 2007) with heavy use in the first six month and moderate to low use in the past six month.

And I still have to see a pioneer failing. All of my 20S, 32SIIs, 10B (in professional use 8h/day by a friend of mine) and 27S are sill working. Maybe problems arise from certain conditions of air? An AC might be a killer (dehumification).

BTW, the 27S was permanently in a car until about one year, when it was given to me. It has slightly bend but still works :-).

Ok, this is all small statistics, but I think we shoudn't worry too much. Nothing and no one lives forever anyway, but I'm sure some calculators of mine will outlife me ;-).


the 35S sucks the batts empty within a few months even when not in use.

Well' I haven't used my 35S much... but I've had it for several years now, and it's still on its first set of batteries! :)
Apparently, YMMV applies here...



Apparently, YMMV applies here...
The missing auto power off functionality *might* be the cause for reports of short batterie life in the 35s.


It's curious that two users have commented in the last few days on poor battery life of the 35S, while others have had no problem.

Mine has been used most (work) days since 2007 and is only on (I think) its 3rd set of batteries, including the ones it came with. However I am in the habit of switching it off after use rather than relying on any auto-off function, which may help.


the 35S sucks the batts empty within a few months even when not in use.

Here's another dissenter. After about 2 years I'm also still on my first set.


Agreed. My 35S has been very well-behaved in using battery power. My 35S must be part camel, going for this long a stretch without a battery swap.

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