Can a Voyager series Keypad Plate be removed?


Here's another angle, rather than fix the scratch on the 15c keypad plate, how easy is it to remove and re-attach a clean keypad plate? I'm guessing a little heat (sun light, lamp, and hair dryer) may loosen it up enough to remove it without damaging it. I'm assuming it will be easier than removing the aluminum bezel. Has anyone done this? Thanks,




it's a lot hard, time consuming and, most of the times, the keypad may bend and be definitively deformed. It is firmly glued to the calculator's "body" and the Voyager's keypad is aluminum made, same as LCD's bezel. For me, the best keypad is the HP41's, because it has a softly rugged, transparent cover.

If it is not extremely necessary, don't do it. I tell you as someone with the "tragic" experience of removing this "bezel" from an HP15C so I would trade with the one form an HP11C (different internals). The HP15C's keypad is almost untouched, but the 11C's suffered a lot.

I did not finish the "Franken" calc because the "dead" 11C came to life, so I decided to hold the experiment for a while and balance before continuing. After Xmas, maybe.

If you really want only to remove a scratch, do as Paul Brogger carefully instructed in previous posts. I though about sort of an HP41's like cover to protect the Voyager's keypad, but it is just a thought.


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