WP-34S on German Auction Site


Dumme Frage in Deutsch:

"Die WP34s-Firmware ist eine von Enthusiasten entwickelte Software, die den Rechner zu einem mit dem legendären HP 42s kompatiblen, programmierbaren wissenschaftlichen Taschenrechner macht."

Warum verkaufen die Enthusiasten Ihr geniales Werk nicht selbst?

Gruss aus New York,

Link auf die Auktion


Warum verkaufen die Enthusiasten Ihr geniales Werk nicht selbst?

It's too much work for the money but I don't mind if someone else makes some Euros with it. I'm aware of two sellers which add a small fee to the price which is donated to our SourceForge project.

I concur with Marcus.

BTW, the auction is exceeding 100 Euros with 45 minutes to go. Those folks are insane.




BTW, the auction is exceeding 100 Euros with 45 minutes to go.

It ended slightly over 100 Euros. Not too unreasonable. When I add together the price of the components and value my time above the 6,50 Euros that I will get for frying burgers at a fast food restaurant, then paying 100 Euros is certainly cheaper than tinkering that thing together myself ;-) (But it wasn't me who bought it as I already have bought all the components but haven't found the time and nerves yet to instally Samba or MySamba or MyBitterSweetSamba on my Macintosh and actually flashing the thing...)


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