HP41/42 to HP48 problems


Like Steve, who posted here on 14 April, I have not been able to get the program INPRT to work on my HP48G, using IR from an HP42S. This is a program (available at hpcalc.org) that is intended to read infrared from the HP41/IR module or the HP42S into the HP48's stack. Is this a program that ONLY works on HP48S series (it is dated 1990, Hewlett Packard written), or will it run on HP48G series? Does anyone have direct experience?


Well I've managed to answer my own question! I'll post the answer here for the benefit of others. DON'T use the INPRT program posted at HPCalc.Org in utils/comms directory, UNLESS you have an HP48SX. This is a Nov.90 HP program of 865bytes, it will not work on an HP48G series. Instead, use the 877byte INPRT program that is on Goodies Disc #9, this version was written by HP in Jan.94 for the 48G. Tried it today with my HP42S talking to a HP48G - the link worked perfectly!

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