[HP-Prime] Request: New command for CAS (EvalStep)


The calculator ClassPAD400 (fx-cp400) has a step by step mode (assist), away to emulate this feature is "trick" on HP-Prime rename the functions

f => f(x)


automatically and internally could do the same for the HP-Prime

/!\ but the mode assist fx-cp400 not always work =(

Edited: 2 Sept 2013, 9:22 a.m.


Is the physical ClassPad fx-cp400 available for purchase??



Yes, it's already available for purchase. A guy posted a video on YouTube about opening the retail package of Classpad FX-CP400.

It sells at US$230 to US$248 in Hong Kong.


Ouch. At such a high price tag, the fx-CP400's lackluster CPU, RAM and mass storage hardware characteristics are even harder to tolerate.
Even the '2007 Nspire Clickpad model beats them, let alone the '2011 Nspire CX and '2013 Prime...

Sadly, the fx-CP400 isn't even the only lackluster model released in 2013: the TI-84+CSE's hardware and software are well into "poor" territory, and that model isn't cheap either...


The 84+CSE is selling for about the price of its non-color cousin. High price tag for the fx-CP400, I will probably wait a while for the price to drop (maybe).

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