OT TI-59 for the iPhone


Hello all

Has anyone seen this app, RCL-59


If so, what do you think of it?


I've played with it a little bit. It looks fascinating, I believe the Ti59 sits between the Hp-67 and HP-41c in capabilities. Nice to see this emulation has a program listing view where you can actually read the program (rather than just numeric key codes) and also a printout view.

I often get a flashing number situation when playing with it, so it feels a little finicky to me, but I should really read more of the manual and learn how to drive it better.


I agree that the TI59 sits between the HP-67 and HP-41C with respect to capabilities, but it was far behind both in terms of quality and usability.

In the early 1980s, three of us from my office spent a week in another office of our civil engineering company helping them finish a big hydraulics/hydrology master plan for a 90-mile-long irrigation canal that they were way behind on. I was handed a TI59 to do some hydraulic calculations using a program that another engineer (since departed) had written.

Unfortunately, the program had apparently not been tested by anyone (including the author) and it was buggy. Fortunately, I had his notes and the manuals to the calculator, so I attempted to fix it. ARRGH. I ended up writing my own program for my HP-34C (the SOLVER was a BIG help). If I had owned a 41 at the time, I probably would have used that instead and incorporated a programmed root solver…this was pre-Advantage Pac.


What were there other impressions you got from the iPhone app? Does it have, like 'Legendary 67' a mag card library you could build?


I just got the iPhone version. I already had the Android version. Both are very nice.



Could not find that exact name on the Android Play store...what is is called exactly, or has it been removed?


Try TI5x


Thanks, that is what I was hoping. I do have that one.


I have it, but I have not had the chance to play with it yet.


Hi there. When you get to it, let me know what you think of it.



It runs like a TI-59. Tapping at the top left will show the program steps that are stored, up to 999. Tapping at the top right will access the "printer".

I am not sure if running speed is set to be close to the actual TI-59.

Finally, I have to learn to add INV RST to the end of TI programs. So far I don't notice any bugs.


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