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Hello all,

In the upcoming release of the HP Prime, I am wondering if it would be available in stores such as Staples, Office Depot and OfficeMax.

Given my observations over the last five years or so, I have noticed that no RPN scientific models from HP have been available in these stores. I presume that, even though it's an RPN model, the fact that the 12C is a business/financial model (and the best selling one at that) is the reason that the office supply stores only have this HP model on the shelf.

Another theory I have is that kids, students, etc. are more apt to buy an algebraic, AOS, graphing algebraic model than an RPN/RPL one and that's why there are no 50g, 35s or their predecessors available now or when they were available.

In light of these, where would I find an HP Prime outside of ordering one directly from HP?


My bet is on amazon.com (and probably cheaper than any of the places you mentioned).


The 50G and the 35S were available at one time at bricks and mortar Best Buys.


Geesh! Best Buy. Forgot about them. Thanks for the flashback. Which reminds me. There was also Circuit City too. I recall that when I bought my HP-32S II, I got it from The Good Guys!


I have always had the best luck at Fry's or a college university bookstore.

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